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Giving Back-How We Are Participating in SSPC Coatings+ 2019

Feb. 6, 2019

We love a good convention--time to hear about the newest trends and innovations, recognize prize- winning coatings work, see industry friends, make new contacts, and view new products. But at Vulcan Painters, we also give back to our industry, and three of our managers will do that next week (Feb. 10-14, 2019).  They will be giving workshops and attending and chairing committee meetings setting industry standards.

Joe Singerhouse is our director of training, safety, and leadership development. He will be speaking about “The Rebranding of a Safety Culture,” and the program he developed at Vulcan Painters to provide incentives and keep employees safe.

Cory Allen, our director of quality systems, will be giving a workshop on how to do a corrective action at the session “Benefits of QP.”  Performing a corrective action is the means by which a manager gets to the root of a problem, works out a solution so that the problem doesn’t reoccur; implements the solution, and follows up to make sure that the new procedure is working correctly.  Corrective actions are a requirement under our ISO certification, and Cory has a lot of knowledge to share.

Jeff Theo, vice president for development and a former SSPC president (2003-4) will be meeting with other members of the Standards Review Committee and the Surface Preparation Steering Committee.  He chairs the Power Tool Cleaning Committee and is a session moderator of “Writing an Effective Work Scope is Just Smart Business”.

Vulcan Painters managers have given a number of presentations at industry meetings in recent years.  Topics have included selecting and applying coatings for wet environments, electronic inspection, and mobilizing volunteers to coat vintage U.S. Army tanks.

It's good to give back!