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Lead Abatement

Vulcan Painters Inc. holds SSPC-The Society for Protective Coatings’ -- QP2 certification, a nationally recognized program that evaluates the capabilities of industrial painting contractors for their ability to safely remove and properly manage hazardous coating material in the field.  Vulcan Painters is certified to both the QP1 and  QP2 standards.  Certification to QP2 requires demonstrated competence in 4 areas:

  • Management of hazardous paint removal projects
  • Technical capabilities related to hazardous paint removal
  • Personnel qualifications and training
  • Safety and environmental compliance programs.

The procedure establishes two categories for removing and containing hazardous coatings, based on the type and level of containment and ventilation required (negative air pressure in the containment).  The specifier designates the required category.

SSPC—The Society for Protective Coatings developed the QP2 standard to meet the industry’s need for better management and control on projects involving the removal of hazardous paint from structural steel in the field.  The standard was first released in 1999 and establishes the minimum requirements for worker health and safety programs and environmental protection programs utilized by the contractor during hazardous coating removal operations.