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Plural Component Spray

Air permitting regulations requiring fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions into the atmosphere have transformed the industrial coatings manufacturing industry, moving it toward more environmentally friendly coatings, such as the use of 100% solids or solids by volume (SBV) coatings. Most of these high solids coatings, whether they are epoxies, polyurethanes, or polyurea, can be or must be applied with plural component spray equipment. This equipment measures the two components and mixes them, either in the equipment or at the spray gun, moments before they are applied. Because they may have very quick cure times, once mixed, the painter must be skilled in delivering the mixed spray to the substrate. In addition to knowing how to set up and operate the expensive plural component spraying equipment, the painter applying plural component spray must follow manufacturer's directions for minimum and maximum material and substrate temperature and humidity as well. Painters must use the correct spray tips and spray angle to get a uniform film without any film defects.

Vulcan Painters has the equipment and the trained applicators to apply these coatings, if 100% solids coatings are needed for your job.

The 100% solids coatings are formulated without solvents, or VOC's. Without solvent to evaporate into the atmosphere, they are heated to reduce viscosity, so that they can be spray applied in high film thickness and may only require one coat of material. They are not a fire ignition source, and are safer for certain types of applications such as the confined space of tanks. Some 100% solids coatings cure very rapidly, and can be walked on a few hours later. Coatings with 100% solids are designed to last, and some last up to 30-50 years. That kind of performance depends on a trained applicator and a properly cleaned and profiled surface, which Vulcan Painters can provide.

Depending on the type of structure or equipment you need protected with coatings, 100% solids coatings could be an option. Our Protective Coating Specialists at Vulcan Painters can help you choose the correct coating and the correct surface preparation needed to successfully complete your coatings project.

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