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Pulp and Paper Mill Painting

The environment of pulp and paper processes is highly corrosive.  It is a competitive industry and unscheduled process interruptions can be devastating.  Pulp and paper mill managers must be diligent when it comes to maintenance planning and budgets.

Our extensive experience with paper and pulp painting has shown us that safety, quality and scheduling are paramount to successful job completion. Plant owners and managers can sign off on our painting services with the peace of mind that our expertise means that you will have minimal down time and asset protection for many years to come.

Services Offered With Paper and Pulp Painting 

We pride ourselves on the experience that we’ve gained in painting and counting in this important industry. From the wood yard to the finished roll, Vulcan Painters protects your assets to provide maximum service life while minimizing unscheduled interruptions resulting from premature coatings failures.


Our customers in the pulp and paper world have trusted our skills and experience for their industrial painting needs. Our qualified painting team can operate during both planned and unplanned outages, depending on your timeline. We will do what it takes to properly plan and meet the scheduling needs of your pulp and paper facility.

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is essential to a successful industrial painting operation. With our rigorous surface preparation process, the integrity and lifespan of your painting service will be extended.

Coating Specification and Application

Choosing the right type of paint for your pulp and paper site is just as important as proper surface preparation. Our experts will work closely with you and supplies to choose the best materials to meet your needs. Then, we continue on to the application. Our team has the skills and experience needed to apply a barrier of coating to all materials that need to be protected. 

Dangers of Improper Paper and Pulp Painting

If proper steps aren’t taken to protect pulp and paper mills from corrosion, there’s a high risk of polluting the entire process. On top of the paper being contaminated—expensive machinery can be damaged, worker safety can be compromised, and industry regulations can be violated. All of these problems add up, creating a hefty bill for pulp and paper mills’ owners, in addition to decreased productivity.

How Our Paint Materials Protect Against Corrosion for Pulp and Paper

Considering the hazards of corrosion in any pulp or paper facility, it’s imperative that owners and managers take certain precautions to safeguard their investment and steer it against any dangers. The easiest way to do just that is to purchase the skills of an industrial painting company to apply protective coatings to your paper/pulp plant. The corrosive-resistant materials in our paint can add to the longevity of your equipment, steel, and mill overall. 

High-Quality Standards

At Vulcan Painters, we take paper and pulp painting seriously. Our quality policy is to provide coating, lining, and associated value-added services to our customers’ facilities with a focus on customer satisfaction.


One of our most important core values here at Vulcan Painters is safety. We strive to provide our employees with a safe and healthy work environment. Our customers can rest assured that our safety requirements will meet or exceed their own. We ensure that our leading safety standards are met with the implementation of a few different measures.


In order to honor our commitment to the safety of our employees, we have a full-time Director of Safety, Training, and Leadership Development to keep us accountable. We are constantly reevaluating and changing our safety measures as needed, based on the most up-to-date data.

Safety Council

In addition to our safety director, we also have a safety council. It includes employees of different divisions in an effort to consider the safety concerns of our valued employees. We believe that this helps promote a safety culture from the ground up. 


Training is the cornerstone of our safety goals. With extensive in-housing training, skill and career development, and courses from leading trade organizations, we strive to meet our goal of having 100% of our employees trained to safely work on the job site.

It doesn’t matter what role our employees have—field painter, forklift driver, etc.—they are required to complete regulatory safety training with refresher courses every year. 


One way to meet the high-quality standards that we hold so dear here at Vulcan Painters is to discuss and share the newest trends. That’s why we’re partnered with numerous respected associations. Here, we keep up with the latest innovations, new products, and most recent legislation. 

In these groups, we even share our own innovations and ideas by presenting papers, giving workshops, presenting training opportunities, and serving on committees that set industry standards. When you work with Vulcan Painters, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best experts in the business.


Still haven’t made up your mind about the quality of industrial painting service you will receive from Vulcan Painters? Then hopefully our extensive certifications will help you better understand our commitment to providing top-notch services. 


In 2009, Vulcan Painters became the first industrial painting contracting company to achieve six Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) Quality Program certifications, including QP 1, QP 2, QP 3, QP 8, QP 9, and QS 1. 


In 2000, Vulcan Painters also added becoming an IS0 9001 company to our resume, In addition to our SSPC certifications. If your pulp and paper mill has put in the work to achieve an ISO standard, then you know the emphasis on quality and the work required to reach that level. At Vulcan Painters, we value safety and are dedicated to establishing best practices to ensure the implementation of industry-wide safety standards. Put our ISO registered company to work on your pulp and paper facility’s painting project today. 

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