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Thirteenth Annual Crest Awards

Vulcan Painters, Inc. Named Among Top Finalists in Thirteenth Annual FCA CREST Awards

Vulcan Painters, Inc. has been recognized once again by FCA International for their 13th annual CREST Awards as one of the three safest contractors in the industrial contractors category. For 2022, Vulcan Painters has retained its rank as a CREST Top 3 Finalist.

Vulcan Painters also received this recognition for 2021 and 2020, earning Top 3 Finalist accolades for both years, respectively.

What Is FCA International?

The Finishing Contractors Association (FCA International) is an international contractor association devoted to "Educate, Advocate, and Legislate" on behalf of signatory contractors. FCA observes specific data and safety measures to recognize contractors through their annual CREST awards.

FCA International represents more than 7,000 signatory contractors in the construction industry.

What Are the CREST Awards?

The FCA CREST (Contractors Recognizing Excellence in Safety Training) Awards came about as a way to encourage and recognize contractors who specifically prioritize safety and who have led an effective safety program year-round. Award winners and top finishers display a year-long track record of prioritizing worker safety at their company and lead the pack in regards to construction safety.

The CREST Awards officially launched in 2011 and began with a simple mission: recognize and encourage excellence in safety training for industrial contractors. CREST winners are chosen based on an objective assessment that looks at key safety metrics, including: years that a safety program has been in place, safety training, rates of incidence and injury/illness, EMR trends, and more.

Winners of the CREST Awards are given industry bragging rights when it comes to safety; they are allowed to boast of being the safest contractor in their respective category.

How Are Winners Decided and Recognized?

The CREST Awards recognizes contractors for their safety excellence. Award recipients earn special acknowledgment for their steadfast commitment to employee safety. For the 13th annual FCA Crest Awards, 16 companies were awarded special recognition as safest contractor for their respective category. Another 25 were given honors as Top Finishers. Winners and Top Finishers are identified as leading the industry in construction safety.

Our Response

Vulcan Painters, Inc. is proud of our efforts as we accept this great honor from FCA International. FCA International is an internationally acclaimed leader in construction health and safety. This award helps put into perspective our ongoing commitment to establishing a world-class safety program at Vulcan Painters. We are resolute in our devotion and determination toward this goal through our core values in the safety training of employees and top management.

Our strong legacy of safety has endured throughout our years of service. Our safety policy was created because of the increased demands for safety industry-wide and has evolved for the same reasons. We utilize resources available across the board, from top management on down. These resources include in-house training, union training, regulatory standards, industry-specific courses, online classes, and more. We do our part to ensure our workforce has the most up-to-date training available. This is exemplified through our ISO 9001:2015 and AMPP certifications. We conduct mandatory safety refresher courses every year that foster a safety-positive and prioritized environment.

We thank FCA International for internationally recognizing our ongoing commitment to safety. We are beyond grateful to be among the Awards recipients (Top Finalists) and have our hard work duly noted. We will continue to provide a healthy and safe workspace for our employees.

Vulcan Painters Inc.'s Safety Program Efforts

At Vulcan Painters, we prioritize our crew’s ongoing safety with well-defined and constantly maintained safety protocols. As part of this commitment, we have a safety program that both top management and our team support. We have a full-time Safety, Training, and Leadership Development Director whose job is to make sure safety standards are continually being met.

How We Prioritize Safety Standards Every Day

We have many procedures in place as an ISO 9001-certified company to ensure our team continues to work safely and to enhance our safety training. For example, our safety program includes a safety council, which consists of employees from every division. This encourages open, honest, and direct communication between staff and management about safety concerns and any procedural changes as needed.