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Our Industrial Painting Services

 With a long-standing legacy in Birmingham, Alabama and throughout the Southeast, Vulcan Painters delivers highly specialized, quality critical industrial painting services. Vulcan has 70+ years of experience in industrial painting and coating as a company (and 100+ years of combined experience among top management). We provide AMPP (formerly SSPC) QP certifications (QP1, QP2, QP3, QP8, QP9, QS1) and ISO 9001:2015 services to clients across the USA.

Painting Services

We offer quality critical painting services, and we utilize a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure quality critical work. Our main painting services include on-site industrial painting and shop painting:


Surface Preparation

Preparation is key for industrial painting. In applications where dust, debris, and corroded areas need to be cleaned and removed before painting, it can add an extra element of difficulty. We provide services to help, including:


Floor Finishing & Secondary Containment Services

Industrial complexes with heavy traffic or corrosive environments often need specialist floor coatings. Our floor finishes can protect facilities and prevent damage. Locking moisture out of your flooring is another way to protect the structural integrity of your facility. Toward these goals, we provide:

  • Concrete Coatings
  • Concrete Repair & Staining
  • Floors
    • Sealing and Waterproofing
    • Industrial Polymer Floor Systems
    • Anti-Slip Floor Installations
  • Secondary Containment Coatings


Coatings Applied by Vulcan Painters

From industrial coatings to surface restoration, our team has unique and qualified expertise. Relevant services include:

  • Zinc-rich coatings
  • Polyurethanes
  • Epoxies
  • Vinyl Esters
  • Novolacs
  • Baked-on Phenolics
  • Fireproofing
  • Heat-resistant Silicones
  • Floor coatings

We do what we can to provide a premium product and service to our clients. Our work involves quality critical industrial painting services; we ensure our coating systems fulfill their expected useful life and do not otherwise degrade due to rust or corrosion. Our work minimizes downtime.


Other Industrial Services

Lead Abatement

Lead-based paint is extremely dangerous, and it cannot just be removed haphazardly. Our specialist team of experts offers lead abatement services that allow us to work with hazardous coatings and compounds to remove them, ensuring the safety of facility owners and users.

We offer several services relating to the removal of lead-based paints—and their containment during the removal process—as well as re-painting and coating services.

Plural Component Spray

If 100% solid coatings are needed for the job, Vulcan Painters has the equipment and trained applicators to apply them.

100% solid coatings are free of solvents. They are often heated to reduce viscosity so they can be spray applied in high film thicknesses, and may only require one coat of material as there is no solvent to evaporate into the atmosphere. They are often not a fire ignition source and are safer for specific applications, including for confined spaces like tanks. Some 100% solid coatings cure quickly and can be handled or walked on after a few hours or even a few minutes in. This helps with a rapid return to service for your facility.

Additional Services

Our team offers a number of additional services, including:

  • Access and Containment
  • Intumescent Fireproofing
  • Secondary Containment
  • Tank Lining & Coating
  • Mobile Shop Applications
  • Pipe Lining & Coating

Our team of experts and professional painters offer superior quality services utilizing specified quality critical industrial paints and protective coatings. 


Why Hire Vulcan Painters?

Our quality critical industrial painting services assist clients with protecting vital structures and assets, and environments. When on the job, we strive to get it right first-time. We provide AMPP certified QP1, QP2, QP3, QP8, QP9, QS1 and ISO 9001:2015 certified industrial painting and protective coating services. Our comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) ensures quality, safety, and continued success over time. We provide top-tier services and protective coating applications for all industrial environments.

Before starting an industrial painting job, we conduct in-depth planning sessions with your safety team. During these meetings, we assess the layout of your industrial buildings/fixtures and devise a plan for safely and effectively completing the work. We collaborate to create a schedule that allows your operations to continue as normal. As a leading nationwide contractor, Vulcan Painters is shift flexible and can accommodate most any schedule.

Single Source Service

The high-end techniques employed by Vulcan Painters and our trained team of professionals offer clients full peace of mind from project start to finish. The opportunity to work with a single contractor helps minimize risks and ensures a high-quality final product. For instance, our shop blasting, priming, and field top coating is a completely turn-key approach.

Corrosion Defense

Rust and corrosion are natural processes that cause exposed steel and steel structures to degrade and deteriorate. This process is irreversible, and can severely weaken and destroy the metal. Anti-corrosive and protective steel coatings act as a barrier between metal and the destructive effects of rust and corrosion. For quality critical applications, degradations of this kind can spell catastrophe.

Enhanced Durability

Corrosion protection and quality protective steel coatings ensures durability and lasting life for exposed steel structures and other systems. Extended care applications prevent the unimaginable. Durable coatings offer your structures integral protection against extreme temperatures, chemicals, and corrosive forces.


Start Your Next Project

When looking for an experienced and qualified industrial painting contractor, there’s no substitute for the 70+ year veteran industrial painters at Vulcan Painters. We are ISO and QP certified to get the job done right first-time. Contact us for samples, a quote of work, or to schedule an onsite assessment.