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Industries Served

Industries served by Vulcan Painters are highly specialized and include power generation, water and wastewater, military installations and fuel systems, pipelines, fabricators, and more.

Primary Industries

We provide quality critical industrial painting services for industries that cannot afford to have their critical infrastructure rust, corrode, or degrade. These include industries with highly specialized applications where failure of any type can result in catastrophe.

Power Generation

Among services offered by Vulcan Painters, industrial power plant painting is one of the most complex. Our list of certifications and accreditations means we are a top-tier service provider that can follow strict safety guidelines and protocols.

Many painters lack the credentials required to perform critical maintenance in painting power plants. The sheer scope of power plant painting projects can make it difficult for most painters to keep up with the safety requirements, certifications, rigorous training, and insurance protocols. Fortunately, Vulcan Painters covers all of this and more.

Hydroelectric Power Plants, Locks, and Dams

Painting hydroelectric power plants, locks, and dams must be done correctly to ensure the expected service life of the system. Our trained employees have the knowledge to complete these kinds of projects, from surface preparation to extensive, multifaceted coating application.

Our team of experts offers painting of miter and spillway gates, locks and dams, penstocks, turbines, and powerhouses. With the high level of corrosion that hydroelectric plants can (and do) experience, it is crucial to use a painter who understands how to work in these challenging environments.

Industrial Coatings Across the Nation 

 Anywhere there is exposed structural steel—rust, corrosion, and degradation can occur. We work with many industrial facilities, including military installations and other operations, to provide quality protective coatings. For specialized projects like jet fuel systems, we apply fuel-resistant coatings that are quality critical. Our work with these types of installations can include:

  • Military base industrial facilities
  • Power plant(s) on base
  • Military fuel systems

Pipe Lining

For the industries we serve, pipelines can’t fail. At Vulcan Painters, our pipe lining division line ductile iron pipe for sewer service exterior coatings, steel pipe, structural steel, tanks, and wastewater and sewage treatment equipment.

Vulcan Painters has a 12-acre facility in Bessemer, AL, and a facility in north Birmingham. Every year, Vulcan Painters’s Pipe Division and Vulcan Pipe & Steel Coatings Inc. line tens of thousands feet of pipe.

Lead Abatement

Lead-based paint is quite dangerous, and poses health and environmental hazards if removed improperly. Our team of paint experts provides lead abatement services that allow us to work with hazardous chemicals and compounds to safely and effectively remove them, keeping facility owners and users continually safe.

We offer a variety of services relating to the removal of lead-based paints—and their containment during removal—in addition to coating and re-painting services.

Examples of Our Work

Our portfolio showcases our breadth and depth of work across the nation.

With more than 70 years of experience in industry (and over 100 years of collective experience among top management), we have the portfolio and credentials to handle highly specialized jobs. We hold six AMPP certifications (QP1, QP2, QP3, QP8, QP9, QS1) and we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Turn to Industrial Painting Professionals

When applying coatings and linings for quality critical services, our team understands the need for ongoing safety and quality. Our clients benefit from our extensive expertise with 70+ years experience in the industrial painting industry. Get in touch with a team member to request a quote or start a conversation about an upcoming project.

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