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Industrial Painting Services

We Specialize in Challenging Painting Projects

With Vulcan Painters, your project is done right the first time. Protect what you own with coatings applied by one of the nation’s top industrial painting contractors—Vulcan Painters. Having been in business for more than 60 years, we have the training, expertise, and certifications to execute your industrial painting project.

Our years of experience include work in industries such as power generation, fuel systems, bridges and dams, and sewer and wastewater. We coat, line, pipe, and paint industrial plants, stadiums, and other structures. We are experts in industrial paint application. Safety is a core value for us, and we have a full-time safety, training, and leadership development director.

Industries and Facilities We Service

Vulcan Painters provides exceptional service to various industries and industrial facilities and has experience working with businesses of every size and income. Our workers are well-trained in technique and safety to make owners', managers', and engineers' jobs easier, thanks to their expertise and timeliness. Our team is here to help you complete your industrial painting project safely and efficiently.

  • Industrial Power Plant Painting
  • Hydroelectric Power Plant & Dam Painting Services
  • Fuel Systems - Pipelines & Tanks
  • Manufacturing Plant/Facility Coating Services
  • Pipe Lining & Coating Service
  • Historic Structure Painting & Maintenance Services

Industrial Painting Needs and Concerns

Client and employee safety is at the top of our priorities. Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations with exceptional industrial painting services and professional conduct. Every facility is different, but we take the same great care with each project with the same minute attention to detail. For all industrial applications, our job is to meet the specific needs of your project, address any concerns you may have along the way, and ensure safety performance. Some of those needs and concerns may include the following.

Performance and Durability

There's minimal time for downtime in these kinds of fast-paced, highly operational industrial environments and facilities. At the completion of a successful project, Vulcan Painters' high-quality services ensure results that will last for many years.

Surface Compatibility

With Vulcan Painters on the job, you don't have to worry about whether your painting contractor can handle the unique requirements of your industrial machinery, piping, structural steel, and tank painting. Our quality results speak for themselves. Our painters are trained and equipped with the know-how to manage confined space and lockout/tagout procedures, as well as implement the specified corrosion-prevention solutions.

Corrosion Protection and Rust

Many times, industrial painting services are required in manufacturing facilities and other industrial buildings that are highly susceptible to corrosion on the interior and exterior surfaces. A painting contractor like Vulcan Painters, with decades of experience and coating expertise, can make all the difference in how surfaces maintain their paint job. However, we don't just protect your equipment surfaces from the beginning; we can also repair your interior and exterior surfaces to extend their service life. This process also makes maintaining them in the future easier and more manageable.

Environmental Conditions

A suitable industrial painting job isn't limited by extreme weather conditions. On the contrary, it takes environmental factors like UV rays, thermal cycling, and temperature extremes into account to make the project a success. Our painting projects are not complete without factoring in our client's year-round weather and operational circumstances.

Remote Surfaces

Hard-to-reach support structures and confined spaces don't have to be left to the elements. We have the capabilities to reach the high highs and small spaces that need the same critical services as your other locations.

Our Services

Industrial Painting

Industrial painting is the application of paint or a protective coating on various surfaces within industrial settings. This type of painting serves several purposes, primarily aimed at protecting surfaces from corrosion, chemical exposure, weathering, and other environmental factors. Industrial painting is commonly used in industries such as power generation manufacturing facilities, construction, petrochemical, marine, wastewater, and more.

Key aspects of industrial painting include:

  • Surface Preparation and Protection
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Aesthetic Enhancement
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Specialized Application Methods
  • Maintenance Painting

Overall, industrial painting plays a vital role in preserving the integrity of structures and equipment in industrial environments, preventing deterioration, and ensuring a safe and efficient working environment.

Lining & Coating

We provide specialized application of protective materials through our lining and coating services to give additional benefits beyond traditional paint. In industries where surfaces are exposed to harsh environments, chemicals, or extreme conditions, these applications serve several purposes, including:

  • Chemical, Abrasion, Temperature Resistance
  • Tank, Pipeline, and Secondary Containment Hygienic Coatings
  • Concrete Protection.

Fire Protection

Industrial painting for fire protection involves the application of specialized coatings that are designed to enhance the fire resistance of structures, equipment, or surfaces within industrial settings. The primary goal is to mitigate the risk of fire and to slow down the spread of flames, allowing for safer evacuation and minimizing potential damage to property and assets. This type of fire protection is crucial in industries where there is a high risk of fire.

Key aspects of fire protection in industrial painting include:

  • Intumescent Coatings
  • Fire Resistant Paints
  • Structural Steel Protection
  • Fireproofing Equipment
  • Insulation for Electrical Systems
  • Building Code Adherence

Industrial painting for fire protection is an essential component of overall safety measures in facilities. Not only does it help protect assets and structures, but it also plays a critical role in safeguarding the well-being of employees and the public, as well as preventing catastrophic events in the case of a fire. Allow our trained and specialized employees to ensure the safety of your staff and facility by applying the appropriate fire-resistant coatings and materials.

Why Choose Vulcan?

Outside, variables such as temperature, wind, humidity, precipitation, application method, pot lifetime, mix ratios, substrate cleanliness, and other factors can lead to rework for some contractors. Vulcan Painters has the experience and the training to manage your project on time and on budget.  Starting as a family-owned company in 1934, our work has taken us to Marshall Space Flight Center, Redstone Arsenal, power generation plants, paper mills, and even the iconic statue of Vulcan. We use the most advanced technology and products to provide the highest quality service. 

Vulcan Pipe & Steel Coatings Inc. provides specialized industrial painting services to the pipe and fabrication industry, and we are always looking at the next new technology to serve our customers better. Our premium industrial painting services ensure long-term protection for you, your team, and your environment. Don't leave the safety of your facility and completion of projects up to chance with other unqualified painting contractors.

We are ISO 9001 certified and have achieved six certifications from the AMPP Quality Program.

Our Methodology

In our constant effort to keep safety at the forefront of our endeavors, training and up-to-date certifications are high on our list of priorities. We employ the following measures to ensure the highest level of safety:

  • Continuing education to keep all staff up to date on current training and safety measures
  • Extensive in-house training and skill and career development courses from leading trade organizations
  • Award-winning safety program and safety council
  • Incentives to foster a safety culture

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AMPP Quality Program Certifications

QP1 Coating complex structures in the field / QP2 Removing hazardous paint in the field / QP3 Application of protective coatings in shop facilities / QP8 Installing polymer coatings or surfacing on concrete and other cementitious surfaces / QP9 Application of architectural coatings on commercial and institutional structures / and QS1 Quality Control System.

QS 1 may be used by owners and specifiers who require a higher level of quality control for their projects and confirms that a contractor has the personnel, organization, qualifications, procedures, knowledge, and capability to implement the quality standards. It requires that a contractor implement and document more stringent quality control and record-keeping procedures than those included in the requirements of other standards.

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