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Food Storage Containment Area

Problem: The secondary containment area in a food-grade cooking oil storage facility does not have a vapor barrier, and when the water table is high, water comes up through the floor.

Surface preparation: Removing layers of grime and oil to clean the surface of the concrete and add a profile was a challenge. Vulcan Painters removed the grime that had solidified, and scraped loosely bonded epoxy coating from the floor. A spot blaster was used to give the floor the required profile of ICRI CSP 4 - 6. Blast media and dust were contained in the blasting unit so that none escaped into the air on site.

Product Used: A three-coat system was applied: first, Sikafloor®-1610 two component, high solids, red transparent epoxy primer. This epoxy primer is specially formulated to perform as a moisture tolerant primer. Next a middle coat of Sika 264, a pigmented epoxy resin, was applied, followed by a top coat of Sika 340, an abrasion and UV resistant aliphatic urethane.  The coatings system is designed to form a seal so that moisture will not come back through the coating.